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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum Agency Fund
Donate AAUW Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Abilene Alumnae Panhellenic Missy Bridwell Memorial Scholarship
Donate Abilene A&M Club Scholarship Fund
Donate Abilene Arts Alliance
Donate Abilene Automotive Education Alliance Fund
Donate Abilene Chapter of the Texas Society of CPA's Scholarship Fund
Donate Abilene Coalition for Homeless Project Account
Donate Abilene Community Band Endowment Fund
Donate Abilene Country Club Employee Assistance Fund
Donate Abilene Disaster Relief Fund
Donate Abilene Education-AHS Alumni Scholarship Fund
Donate Abilene Education-CHS Alumni Scholarship Fund
Donate Abilene Education Foundation Agency Endowment
Donate Abilene Education - Martha Kiel Scholarship
Donate Abilene Founder Lions Club-A.E. Wells Scholarship
Donate Abilene Founder Lions Club-Randell & Evangeline Watkins Scholarship
Donate Abilene Fund for Helping Others
Donate Abilene Fund for the Arts
Donate Abilene Geological Society Scholarship
Donate Abilene Gives Fund
Donate Abilene Hope Haven Endowment Fund
Donate Abilene Industrial Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Abilene Library Consortium Endowment
Donate Abilene Philharmonic Foundation Endowment
Donate Abilene Recovery Council Endowment ( formerly ARCADA)
Donate Abilene Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship Fund
Donate Advanced VoIP Solutions Scholarship Fund
Donate AEF Edwin & Agnes Jennings Teaching Excellence Award
Donate Alistair Baldwin Scholarship Fund
Donate Alliance for Women & Children Elizabeth Baugh Endowment
Donate Annual Luncheon Fund
Donate Anonymous Scholarship Fund-(Haskell Co. Scholarship)
Donate Anothen Fund
Donate Anton Family Designated Fund
Donate Apostle Paul Fund
Donate Ashley and Sara Abel Memorial Scholarship
Donate Assoc. of Christian Childcare Administrators Endowment Fund
Donate AWC Educational Endowment Fund
Donate Bahlman-Stehle Fund
Donate Barbara and Norman Smart Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Barney Popnoe Memorial Scholarship
Donate Bea Ganson Day Nursery Endowment
Donate Beckham Family Fund for Ben Richey Boys Ranch
Donate Beitscher Family Fund for the Abilene Philharmonic Association
Donate Ben Richey Boys Ranch Foundation
Donate Big Brothers Big Sisters of Abilene Endowment Fund
Donate Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame Operations Endowment
Donate Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship (Big Country Athletic-19)
Donate Big Country County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship
Donate Big Country Fire Relief Fund
Donate Big Country Reentry Coalition Project Account
Donate Bill and Alice Wright Designated Fund
Donate Bill and Dale Burns Scholarship Fund
Donate Bob Alvis Memorial Scholarship
Donate Bob R. Hefner Scholarship Fund
Donate Boys and Girls Club of Abilene Designated Fund
Donate Brock Latham Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Brownwood Public Library Endowment Fund
Donate Building Maintenance Endowment for Day Nursery of Abilene
Donate Carolyn & Harwell Barber Designated-United Way
Donate Casey Leo Huff Memorial Scholarship
Donate Catherine Aileen Smith-Jones Memorial Scholarship
Donate Catherine M. Benson and Joseph Chaffin Benson Memorial Fund
Donate Cathy Springer Leavell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Center for Contemporary Arts Endowment Fund
Donate CFA Concerts
Donate Chessmates: The Scholastic Chess Club of AISD Fund
Donate Christian Service Center Endowment Fund
Donate Chuck & Doris Moser Scholarship Fund
Donate CJ Macon Scholarship Foundation Fund
Donate Clack Educational Fund
Donate Cleve Whitener Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Clyde Education Foundation Fund
Donate Coach Childress Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Coleman County Disaster Relief Fund
Donate Coleman County Foundation
Donate Coleman ISD Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate Cordell’s Community Change Fund
Donate David and Gayle Carr Memorial Musicians Fund
Donate Davis Kinard-Kate Nutter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Day Nursery of Abilene Maintenance Fund
Donate Diane Denkhoff Fund for Children's Health
Donate Dian G. Owen St. John's Designated Fund
Donate Dick and Kaye Spalding Endowed Fund
Donate Dick & Beverly Tarpley Designated Fund
Donate Don and Lora Lynn Christensen Fund
Donate Don Bierwagen Endow. Fd-Barbershop Harmony Society
Donate Doscher Fund for the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest
Donate Downtown Abilene Enhancement Fund
Donate Dr. David Lamont Collins, DDS Memorial Fund
Donate Dr. Dean Hawkins Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Donald McDonald Fund for Children's Health
Donate Dr. Edgar Martin Harp Memorial Scholarship Fund for Medicine
Donate Drennan Family Fund
Donate DRI Agency Endowment
Donate Dwain and Mona Jones Foundation
Donate Dyess Operation Warm Heart Agency Fund
Donate Eastland County Fire Relief Fund
Donate Elwood B. and Shug Webb Designated Endowment Fund
Donate Eula M. Kruse Scholarship Fund
Donate Floy Hodge Scholarship Fund
Donate Fred Lee Hughes Memorial Scholarship
Donate Friends of the Abilene Public Library Endowment Fund
Donate Friends of the Coleman Foundation Fund
Donate From Harm to Home Scholarship Fund
Donate Frontier Texas! Operating Endowment Fund
Donate Future Fund Endowment
Donate Future Fund-Expenses
Donate General Operations
Donate Geoff and Angie Haney Donor Advised Fund
Donate George and Marie Yaeger Fund for the Abilene Philharmonic Association
Donate Gilbert Cook Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ginny Ryan Memorial Scholarship
Donate Global Samaritan Resources Endowment Fund
Donate Gold Star Memorial Scholarship
Donate Grace Westfall Memorial Endowment
Donate Grant Funds, Unrestricted
Donate Greater Abilene Ministers Alliance/CFA Scholarship
Donate GySgt. Robert K. Keller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Hal and Jean Stockton Scholarship Fund
Donate Harold Dean Wade Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Harold & Pat Crawford Endowment for the Alliance for Women & Children
Donate Hazel Nunn Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate Hendrick Hospice Care
Donate Herbert A. and Emma Bell Seidel and W. Alan Swagerty Fund for Meals on Wheels
Donate Herman Ray (Buz) Buzbee, Jr. Memorial Music Scholarship
Donate Hillary Moore Donor Advised Fund
Donate Holiday Giving Fund
Donate Hollis Hayes Pinkston Scholarship
Donate Home Again West Texas
Donate Horace M. Condley Scholarship
Donate Hudson Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate Hudson & Martha Smart Designated Fund
Donate ICAN Curtis Home Project Fund
Donate Independent Insurance Agents of Abilene Scholarship
Donate Indigent Care Fund
Donate Jack and Donna Nall Band Scholarship Fund
Donate Jack Mildren Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate James P. Hopper Memorial Scholarship
Donate Jane A. Rhodes Scholarship
Donate Janet Parkey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jay Hatcher Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate JB & Winnie Gibbs Coaching and Counseling Fund
Donate Jean and Curly Hays Scholarship Fund
Donate Jerry & Rozlyn Love Endowed Fund
Donate Jesse M. and Bernice M. Pyeatt Scholarship Fund
Donate J. Henry Doscher Fund for Fine Arts, Grace Museum
Donate J. Henry Doscher, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Donate Jim and Bobbi Naler Endowment for Abilene State School
Donate Jim & Kathy Webster Designated Fund
Donate Jim Wilburn Memorial Fund
Donate J. Middleton Memorial Scholarship
Donate Jody and Betsy Bellah Donor Advised Fund
Donate Johnathan Tschaar Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate John Pearson Ins Fund for Narrow Gate Foundation
Donate Judy Dudley Memorial GIFT Grants Endowment Fund
Donate JVM Family Fund
Donate Karen Adair Price RN Memorial Scholarship
Donate Kaye Price-Hawkins and Joe Hawkins Donor Advised Fund
Donate Kay Whitton and Lessie (McCormick) Terry Scholarship Fund
Donate Keeble Family Fund
Donate Keep Abilene Beautiful Endowment Fund
Donate Kemper Scott Hamilton Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ken Becker Leadership Scholarship Fund
Donate Kenley School Endowment
Donate Kenley School Endowment for Scholarships
Donate Kenneth and Marilyn Jacobs Fund for Education
Donate Kim and Jim Snyder Texas A & M Scholarship Fund
Donate Kirk and Kristi Thaxton Family Fund
Donate Lady Clyde Hooper Memorial Scholarship
Donate Lars and Anna Moore Charitable Fund
Donate Leadership Abilene Community Impact Fund
Donate Leo and Piney Scott Scholarship Fund
Donate Lois Caldwell Peck Fund
Donate Mabel Winton Educational Fund
Donate Maggy Morford Designated Fund - St. John's School
Donate Margaret Wheeler Kennedy Scholarship Fund
Donate Marguerite & Ike Chism Scholarship
Donate Marie Denham Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Marion & Harry Neeb Endowment for Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Donate Martha Scott Carlson Fund for AEF GIFT Grants
Donate Marvin Jones & Nancy Norman Jones Fund
Donate Mary Ann Polnick 21st Century Learning Grant Fund
Donate Mary Bailey Memorial Scholarship
Donate Mary & George Minter Memorial Scholarship
Donate Mary L. Reams Collins Memorial Fund
Donate Mathis Family Fund
Donate Matt and Kristi Cooley Donor Advised Fund
Donate McClellan "Think On" Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate McMahon Surovik Suttle, P.C. Scholarship
Donate Memorial Day Fund
Donate Morgan & Jessie Jones Designated Fund
Donate Mulberry Canyon VFD Endowment
Donate NAIFA - Abilene Assoc. of Ins. Financial Advisors Scholarship Fund
Donate Nancy and Ted Paup Big Country Hall of Fame Scholarship
Donate Narrow Gate Foundation Endowment Established by John E. Pearson and Sons
Donate National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature Endowment
Donate Nicholas Whitaker Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Nolan County Foundation Discretionary Endowment Fund
Donate Nolan County Foundation Scholarship Fund
Donate Open Road Grantmaking Fund
Donate Panther Creek CISD Project Fund
Donate Paramount Theatre Memorial Fund
Donate Paramount Theatre Reserve Fund
Donate Pat Meleen Vaughn Fund for Humane Treatment of Animals
Donate Patrick and Elyse Lewis Donor Advised Fund
Donate Paul and Sara Graham Fund for McMurry Basketball
Donate Paula Windham Fund for Education and Community Development
Donate Pearl Jackson Scholarship Fund
Donate Perry Bentley Memorial Fund II
Donate Pregnancy Resources Endowment Fund
Donate Presbyterian Medical Care Mission
Donate Ralph and Lavern Donnell Designated Endowment Fund
Donate Ralph and Lavern Donnell Scholarship Fund
Donate Randy Polk Memorial Scholarship
Donate Raymond A. McDaniel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate RC & Elizabeth Hoppe Memorial Scholarship
Donate Reach for a Difference Scholarship Fund
Donate Rentech Boiler Systems, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Donate Rescue the Animals Spay and Neuter Fund
Donate Robert and Anita Herren Memorial Fund for Haskell
Donate Robert Macario Ybarra Memorial Scholarship
Donate Robert & Marilyn Hitt Charitable Fund
Donate Rock Ranch Fund
Donate Rodney Holder Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ross Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Royce Curtis Excellence in Education Scholarship Fund
Donate Roy Churchill Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ruby Shelton Endowment for the Alliance for Women & Children
Donate Ruth & Bill Burton Endowed Fund -First Church of Christ, Scientist, Abilene
Donate Ruth & Bill Burton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Ruth Hatcher and Joe Williamson Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Donate Safe Families for Children in Abilene Endowment Fund
Donate Sam and Ellen Webb Albany Heritage Scholarship
Donate Sam's Place Endowment Fund
Donate Saranne and Benny Judkins Scholarship In Memory of Billie and Zane Judkins
Donate Schuman Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Senora Stacy Horton Sanchez Scholarship
Donate Senter Family Fund for Abilene Hope Haven
Donate Sgt. Fernandez Memorial Project Fund
Donate SHS Class of 1961 Scholarship Fund
Donate SHTX Amy Bell Scholarship Fund
Donate SHTX Ben Tyner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate SHTX Darlene Hicks Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate SHTX Nathan & Norma Belcher and Zinn Lindsey Scholarship Fund
Donate Small Business of Abilene COVID-19 Relief Fund
Donate Smith Endowment for Medical Care Mission
Donate Stanley & Claudie Wilson Scholarship
Donate Steve and Debbie Senter Family Fund
Donate Steve and Nita Slaton Fund for Humane Treatment of Animals
Donate St. John's Agency Endowment Fund
Donate Stock Horse of Texas Scholarship Fund
Donate Stone Owl Scholars Scholarship Fund
Donate Support Abilene Fund
Donate Swenson House Endowment Fund
Donate Taliaferro Endowment Fund for St. John's
Donate Tarpley Family Scholarship
Donate Taylor Jones Humane Society Agency Endowment Fund
Donate Taylor Jones Humane Society Agency Flex Fund
Donate Taylor Jones Humane Society Endowment
Donate Terry and Marka Riddle Donor Advised Fund
Donate Texas Prairieland Foundation Fund
Donate Texas Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America Designated Fund
Donate Texas Veterans Cemetery - Vietnam Memorial Project
Donate The Dollie Lane Harp Memorial Scholarship Fund for Classical Music
Donate The Grace Museum Agency Endowment
Donate The JJM Fund for the Buffalo Gap Historic Village
Donate The Maroney Family Fund
Donate The Matthew 25:14-40 Fund for ACU
Donate The Paramount Theatre Fund for Excellence
Donate ThriveABI Project Fund
Donate Tillie Odam Memorial Scholarship
Donate TMCN Endowment Fund
Donate Todd Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Tom Kutch Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Tony Daniel Memorial FCA Scholarship
Donate Travis Cranfill Memorial Education Fund-Ben Richey Boys Ranch
Donate United Way of Abilene Endowment Fund
Donate Unrestricted Permanent Endowment
Donate VFD Endowment Fund for Brown County
Donate VFD Endowment Fund for Callahan County
Donate VFD Endowment Fund for Coleman County
Donate VFD Endowment Fund for Eastland County
Donate VFD Endowment Fund for Shackelford County
Donate VFD Endowment Fund for Taylor County
Donate Victor and Janet Vadney Donor Designated Fund
Donate Virginia Kiker Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Volunteer Fire Department Endowment Fund
Donate Volunteer Fire Department Grant Fund
Donate Wade Scoggins Memorial Fund for Young Life of Abilene (Operations)
Donate Weatherl Family Donor Advised Fund
Donate Wesley Armstrong Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate West Central Texas Regional Foundation Fund
Donate WesTex Drilling Co-Robt.B.Cockrell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate West Texas Fair & Rodeo Queen Scholarship Pageant Fund
Donate West Texas Hereford Association-Curly Hays Scholarship Fund
Donate Wheat Family Fund
Donate Wheat Family Trade Scholarship Fund
Donate Wilburn H. "Blue" Denham Memorial Scholarship
Donate William Davis Philharmonic Scholarship Fund
Donate Winters Area Foundation Community Scholarship Fund
Donate Winters Area Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Winters Area Foundation Project Fund
Donate Winters Area Red Raider Scholarship Fund (WARR)
Donate Women's Fund for Health and Empowerment
Donate Wright Fund for Photography for The Grace Museum
Donate Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation Fund
Donate YMCA Endowment Fund
Donate Young Audiences of Abilene Residency Program Endowment Fund
Donate Zach Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Zach Robinson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Zambia Mission Fund