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  Donate Abilene Disaster Relief Fund
The Abilene Disaster Relief Fund is a join effort of the Community Foundation of Abilene and the United Way of Abilene. Both organizations are working in coordination with the Big Country Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) to help determine where funds and assistance are needed. The fund is managed by CFA, and donations to this fund will be used to assist victims of the damage caused by the tornado that came through parts of Abilene on the morning of May 18th. Funds will be distributed to the nonprofit organizations, churches, and the City of Abilene that will be providing assistance and resources to those victims. If you would rather mail in a check, please make it payable to CFA and mail to PO Box 1001, Abilene, TX 79604.
  Donate Winters Area Foundation Project Fund
Please give to this fund to support "Winters Gives". Designate which nonprofit(s) you'd like to give to: Winters Area Foundation, WHS Scholarships, Winters Ministerial Alliance, Winters Sports and Recreation Association, or Z.I. Hale Museum. (please designate which organization(s) you would like to support in the field titled "Recognition Name" when you check out)
  Donate Abilene Fund for Helping Others
Abilene Fund for Helping Others benefits organizations in human services. And reaching out to neighbors in need is a core value in our caring community. This fund was established in memory of John Sublett Hall and John Joseph Deegan.
  Donate Abilene Fund for the Arts
Abilene Fund for the Arts can paint a whole new picture for area arts organizations. This fund has helped with scholarships and contributes to exhibition expenses. Artistic expression is supported in many different ways in every corner of our community.
  Donate Volunteer Fire Department Endowment Fund
Through the Volunteer Fire Department Endowment Funds, support of local heroes is given to 10 area county volunteer efforts. These men and women often sacrifice their time and safety to help so many.
  Donate Volunteer Fire Department Grant Fund
The Community Foundation of Abilene established the Volunteer Fire Department Fund several years ago to raise dollars to assist the various rural and volunteer fire departments in Taylor County and the surrounding nine counties: Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Eastland, Fisher, Jones, Nolan, Runnels, and Shackelford. Grants from this fund will help the departments address the safety and security issues that communities can face due to drought and grassfires. For more information on our support for VFD's, visit our website
  Donate Senora Stacy Horton Sanchez Scholarship
  Donate Casey Leo Huff Memorial Scholarship
  Donate Hollis Hayes Pinkston Scholarship
This fund was established in memory of Hollis Hayes Pinkston.
  Donate Sam and Ellen Webb Albany Heritage Scholarship
Donate Coach Childress Memorial Scholarship Fund
Coach Howard Childress was an icon in Coleman, an educator for over 60 years who inspired generations of students. This fund was established by family and friends to carry on his legacy allowing him to continue to impact young men and women graduating from Coleman High School through the scholarships that will be awarded from this fund.
Donate SHTX Darlene Hicks Memorial Scholarship Fund
  Donate Home Again West Texas
  Donate Texas Veterans Cemetery - Vietnam Memorial Project
Donate to this fund to help support the creation and placement of a Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial Monument to be placed at the Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Abilene. It will be designed to honor all veterans that served during the Vietnam Era. The cost of the project is approximately $70,000. Please contact Jimmy Defoor for more information at 325-670-9828.
  Donate Paramount Theatre Memorial Fund
  Donate Dyess Operation Warm Heart Agency Fund
  Donate Unrestricted Permanent Endowment
Unrestricted Funds help our community's non-profits' most pressing needs and concerns. Your gift to this fund can benefit those in every area of community life.
Donate Future Fund Endowment
Future Fund impacts the lives of children and youth in our community. You can use this link to pay for your Future Fund membership, or you can make a gift of any amount to support the fund. Future Fund membership is $250 per year for an individual or couple for an annual membership; or $2,500 for a lifetime membership, which can be paid out over a three-year period. If you would like to become a Future Fund member, specify in the notes when making your contribution that the donation is for your membership.
Donor Advised
Donate Small Business of Abilene COVID-19 Relief Fund
In recent weeks, COVID-19 has devastated our small businesses, leaving so many with an uncertain future. But we have the power to help. The Support Small Business of Abilene Facebook Group has partnered with the Community Foundation of Abilene and the Abilene Chamber of Commerce to create a Small Business of Abilene COVID-19 Relief Fund. Small businesses are the backbone of our city. Our small businesses have supported countless charities, organizations, schools and sports teams throughout the years. Now they need us. This is Abilene, we are doers and believers. Let’s come together with a true sense of unity and purpose during this time. Even the smallest donation can breathe hope into an otherwise hopeless situation. Join us to provide critical funds to help keep small businesses alive and thriving; giving to them as much as they give us. ~~ The Support Small Business of Abilene Facebook Group
  Donate Leadership Abilene Community Impact Fund
Gen. Operations
  Donate Downtown Abilene Enhancement Fund
This fund is used to support revitalization, enhancement and quality of life projects in Downtown Abilene.
  Donate General Operations
By giving to the General Operations fund of CFA, you are helping support our operations. If you give $200 or more, you will become a "Friend of the Foundation."
Other Funds